Bu460.1.1 electronic commerce online exam 7_06

Online Exam 7_06
Part 1 of 2 –
Question 1 of 40
Which of the following was subjected to the largest civil penalty ever levied by the FTC as of August 2012 for privacy violations?

A. Apple

B. Facebook

C. Google

D. Amazon
Question 2 of 40
What is the major reason that the Internet has such potential for destroying traditional conceptions and implementations of intellectual property law?

A. The ability to make perfect copies of digital works at little cost

B. The anonymous nature of the Internet

C. The support for instant peer-to-peer communication

D. The use of standards for file formats
Question 3 of 40
Which of the following allows someone to obtain an exclusive monopoly on the ideas behind an invention for 20 years?

A. Copyright law

B. Trade secret law

C. Patent law

D. Trademark law
Question 4 of 40
__________ is collected data that can be used to identify and locate an individual.

A. A personal profile

B. P3P

C. Anonymous information

Question 5 of 40
Which ethical principle states that, when confronted with an ethical dilemma, individuals should take the action that achieves the greater value for all of society?

A. The Golden Rule

B. Universalism

C. The Collective Utilitarian principle

D. The Social Contract rule
Question 6 of 40
Disputes over federal trademarks involve establishing:

A. underlying ideas.

B. intent.

C. piracy.

D. infringement.
Question 7 of 40
A 2012 TRUSTe/Harris Interactive survey on privacy found all of the following EXCEPT:

A. targeted advertising makes the vast majority of those surveyed uncomfortable.

B. more than 75% of those surveyed do not allow companies to share their personal information with a third party.

C. over 90% of those surveyed thought that privacy is an important issue.

D. more than half of those surveyed said online privacy is really important to them.
Question 8 of 40
Which of the following situations would NOT qualify for the fair use exception to United States copyright law?

A. A professor clips a newspaper article just before class and distributes copies of it to his class.

B. A journalist quotes a paragraph from a book in a review of the book.

C. A student copies a photograph of his favorite band from a website created by the band’s record label and places it on the student’s personal website.

D. Google posts thumbnail images of books in the Google Book Search Project.
Question 9 of 40
Which of the following is used to collect and analyze detailed information on page content viewed by users?

A. Search engines


C. Forms

D. Site transaction logs
Question 10 of 40
Which of the following basic ethical concepts plays an important role in defining privacy?

A. Responsibility

B. Accountability

C. Liability

D. Due process
Question 11 of 40
Which of the FTC’s Fair Information Practices (FIP) principles requires opt-in or opt-out policies to be in place?

A. Notice/Awareness

B. Choice/Consent

C. Access/Participation

D. Security
Question 12 of 40
Which of the following is NOT one of the issues complicating the taxation of e-commerce sales?

A. Taxes raised are used for different government purposes.

B. Sales taxes and policies vary by state and country.

C. Retailers legally only have to charge sales tax if they have operations located in the same state as a consumer.

D. Small online businesses are unable to manage sales taxes to thousands of different jurisdictions.
Question 13 of 40
Which ethical principle asks you to consider the impact of your decision if the principles underlying your decision became an organizing principle of the entire society?

A. The Golden Rule

B. Risk Aversion

C. The Slippery Slope

D. The Social Contract rule
Question 14 of 40
Which of the following can be used to record all keyboard activity of a user?  

A. Shopping carts

B. Trusted computing environments

C. Spyware

Question 15 of 40
Over which of the following does ICANN have authority?

A. Technical infrastructure

B. Domain name system

C. Public policy issues

D. Standards
Question 16 of 40
Which of the following statements about patents is NOT true?

A. It is more difficult to obtain a copyright than it is to obtain a patent.

B. The four types of inventions protected by patent law are machines, manmade products, compositions of matter, and processing methods.

C. Computer programs can be patented.

D. In order to be patented, an invention must be nonobvious.
Question 17 of 40
Which of the following tools can companies use to track users’ social and political views and activities?

A. Cookies

B. Digital wallets

C. Search engines

D. Shopping carts
Question 18 of 40
Which ethical principle states that if an action cannot be taken repeatedly, then it is not right to take at all?  

A. Universalism

B. The Slippery Slope

C. The Social Contract rule

D. The Golden Rule
Question 19 of 40
Which ethical principle tells you that it is wise to assume perfect information markets?

A. The Golden Rule

B. The New York Times test

C. The Social Contract rule

D. The Collective Utilitarian principle
Question 20 of 40
In Western culture, the basic principles shared by ethical schools of thought are:

A. information rights, property rights, and public safety and welfare.

B. responsibility, liability, and accountability.

C. ubiquity, global reach, and privacy.

D. the Golden Rule and Universalism.

Part 2 of 2 – 42.5/ 50.0 Points
Question 21 of 40
Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Compared to general merchandisers, the transition to e-commerce has been easier for MOTO firms.

B. The MOTO sector is also called the general merchandise sector.

C. MOTO was the last technological revolution that preceded e-commerce.

D. Distribution of catalogs is one of MOTO retailers’ biggest expenses.
Question 22 of 40
What is the largest sector of the online travel services market in terms of revenue?  

A. Hotel reservations

B. Car reservations

C. Cruise/tour reservations

D. Airline reservations
Question 23 of 40
DRM refers to a combination of __________ for protecting digital content.

A. hardware and software methods

B. technical and legal means

C. user and publisher agreements

D. local and remote policies
Question 24 of 40
The Internet has resulted in lower search costs, increased price comparison, and lower prices to consumers for which insurance product line?

A. Term life insurance

B. Automobile insurance

C. Health insurance

D. Property and casualty insurance
Question 25 of 40
Which of the following is NOT one of the seven major segments of the retail industry?

A. Electronics and computers

B. Consumer durables

C. Gasoline and fuel

D. Food and beverage
Question 26 of 40
Which of the following statements about financial portals is NOT true?

A. They do not offer financial services.

B. They add to the online price competition in the finance industry.

C. Their strategy is similar to that of large banking institutions.

D. They make their money from advertising, referral fees, and subscription fees.
Question 27 of 40
Which of the following statements about the online video audience is NOT true?

A. Major television events tend to draw higher viewership than online videos.

B. The online video audience is around 180 million monthly unique viewers.

C. Google sites draw the highest number of monthly unique viewers of online video.

D. The overall size of the online video audience is much smaller than the traditional television audience.
Question 28 of 40
Which of the following is the fastest growing online gaming audience?

A. Casual gamers

B. Mobile gamers

C. Social gamers

D. Console gamers
Question 29 of 40
Which of the following is a job site aggregator?

A. SimplyHired

B. Craigslist

C. Monster

D. CareerBuilder
Question 30 of 40
Which of the following statements about the online real estate services market is NOT true?

A. The major impact of Internet real estate sites is in influencing offline decisions.

B. Real estate differs from other types of online financial services because it is impossible to complete a property transaction online.

C. The primary service offered by real estate sites is a listing of houses available.

D. The Internet and e-commerce have created significant disintermediation in the real estate marketplace.
Question 31 of 40
All of the following are top comparison shopping sites EXCEPT:

A. Nextag.

B. Fiserv.

C. PriceGrabber.

D. Shopping.com.
Question 32 of 40
All of the following are social games offered by Zynga EXCEPT:

A. Farmville.

B. Words with Friends.

C. Angry Birds.

D. Mafia Wars.
Question 33 of 40
The MOTO sector of the retail industry is most similar to the __________ sector.

A. specialty stores

B. general merchandise

C. online retail sales

D. product-based services
Question 34 of 40
All of the following charge for access to some or all its online content EXCEPT:  

A. The Wall Street Journal.

B. The New York Times.

C. The Financial Times.

D. Google News.
Question 35 of 40
Blue Nile is an example of a:

A. brick-and-clicks merchant.

B. virtual merchant.

C. catalog merchant.

D. financial portal.
Question 36 of 40
Craigslist is a player in which of the following online services market?

A. Real estate services and career services

B. Insurance services and brokerage services

C. Travel services

D. Online accounting services
Question 37 of 40
Which of the following accounts for the smallest percentage of revenues?  

A. Internet media

B. Box office

C. Recorded music

D. Radio
Question 38 of 40
Which of the following is NOT one of the central challenges facing the online retail industry?

A. Lack of physical store presence

B. Consumer concerns about the privacy of personal information

C. Inconvenience in returning goods

D. Delivery delays
Question 39 of 40
Virtual merchants face potentially large costs for all of the following EXCEPT:

A. building and maintaining a Web site.

B. building and maintaining physical stores.

C. building an order fulfillment infrastructure.

D. developing a brand name.
Question 40 of 40
Which of the following best describes the online newspaper industry’s revenue model?

A. Mostly successful implementation of the subscription-fee model

B. Struggling to successfully implement a fee-based model

C. Abandonment of the subscription-fee model and return to free model

D. Mix of revenues from classified ad sales and subscription fees

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