Human resource 689 | Human Resource Management homework help


Please answer the questions below:

1. All of the following terms have been used to describe the HR function except:
A. Human resource management
B. Personnel
C. Industrial relations
D. Trade relations

2. Effective HRM focuses on _______________ rather than record keeping, written
procedure, or rules.
A. action
B. intuition
C. experience
D. precedent

3. ____________________ focus(es) on the maximum well-being of the worker.
A. Industrial psychology
B. Human resource management
C. Scientific management
D. All management theories

4. All of the following are key concepts that should be applied by HRM except:
A. Analyzing and solving problems from a profit-oriented point of view.
B. Assessing costs or benefits of recruitment and training.
C. Using planning models that include realistic, challenging, specific, and meaningful
D. Emphasizing the strategic importance of expendable employees.

5. The text identifies three elements that are needed for firms to be effective. Which of
the following were included in these elements?
B. Mission and Strategy
C. Organizational Structure
D. All of the choices are correct

6. Title VII prohibits discrimination by all of the following, except:
A. Private employers with 15 or more employees
B. Private membership clubs
C. Federal employers
D. Employment agencies

7. If a plaintiff proves that a disparate impact exists, an organization may then defend
its employment by showing validation or _______________.
A. business necessity
B. hiring records
C. process improvement plans
D. modified HRM procedures
8. Which of the following is not an example of unwelcome conduct that may create a
hostile work environment?
A. Making sexually oriented jokes
B. Displaying sexually oriented calendars
C. Touching of a sexual nature
D. Being passed over for a promotion

9. ______________ the exchange of sexual favors for job benefits.
A. A hostile work environment is defined by
B. Quid pro quo harassment is
C. Pro quid harassment is
D. Sexual Harassment always involves

10. Generally, an employer may fulfill its duty to prevent or remedy hostile work
environment harassment by doing all of the following, except:
A. Developing an anti-harassment policy
B. Promptly and thoroughly investigating harassment allegations
C. Making the details of the case public
D. Properly disciplining offenders

11. Employers can be liable for hostile work environment harassment caused by a
A. supervisor
B. other employees
C. third parties (e.g., customers and vendors)
D. All of the above.

12. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 covers the actions of private
employers with _________ or more employees.
A. 5
B. 20
C. 50
D. 100

13. Job analysis provides answers to questions such as ______________.
A. which candidate should be hired for a position
B. what kind of behaviors are needed to perform a job
C. how much should an individual be paid
D. All of the above.

14. Job analysis provides answers to all of the following questions except:
A. which candidate should be hired for a position.
B. what kind of behaviors are needed to perform a job.
C. how much time is taken to complete a task.
D. which tasks are grouped together and considered a job

15. A written explanation of the knowledge, skills, abilities, traits, and other
characteristics (KSAOs) necessary for effective performance on a given job is called
a ________.
A. job analysis
B. job description
C. job specification
D. position analysis

16. A written summary of the job as an identifiable organizational unit is called a
A. job analysis
B. job description
C. job specification
D. position analysis

17. Information from a job analysis may be used for _______.
A. EEO compliance
B. planning
C. job design
D. All of the above.

18. Conducting a job analysis with job incumbents may be advantageous for all of the
following reasons except:
A. they are a good source of information about what work is actually being done rather
than what work is supposed to be done
B. involving incumbents in the job analysis process might increase their acceptance of
any work changes stemming from the results of the analysis
C. they are typically more objective than outsiders
D. None of the above.

19. All of the following can be used separately, or in combination, to collect job analysis
data except:
A. Observation
B. Questionnaires
C. Interview
D. Product testing

20. Before an organization can fill a job vacancy, it must find people who are not only
qualified for the position, but who also _______________ the job.
A. need
B. have performed
C. want
D. Both A and C

21. Falsification of an application is typically grounds for _______________.
A. promotion
B. demotion
C. dismissal
D. imprisonment

22. The job search is a process that typically begins with _______________.
A. self-assessment
B. creating a resume
C. searching the Internet
D. notifying friends and relatives of the job search

23. Recruitment should be somewhat easier for companies that ______________.
A. have strong financial performance
B. have a win at all cost persona
C. exude a strong community presence or positive name recognition
D. All of the above.

24. Whether potential employees will respond to the recruiting effort depends on:
A. The attitudes they have developed toward those tasks associated with the job
B. The attitudes they have developed toward the organization associated with the job
C. The attitudes they have developed toward the global economy
D. Both A and B are correct.

25. ____________ refers to organizational activities that influence the number and types
of applicants who apply for a job and whether the applicants accept jobs that are
A. Selection
B. Advertising
C. Recruitment

Part 2: Essay Questions
1. In 1995, an explosion and fire occurred at the Malden Mills plant in Lawrence,
Massachusetts. The plant owner, Aaron Feuerstein, opted to pay 1400 displaced
workers for three months while the plant was being rebuilt rather than pocket the
insurance money, even though it cost him $15 million in personal funds. If you had
been the owner, would you have made the same decision? Why or why
2. List the six steps in the job analysis process. Can any of these steps be skipped?
3. Name four of the seven guidelines for legal recruitment that are presented in the

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